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Weather-Proof Technology

Hurricane Irma, Harvey and Jose have wreaked havoc across the United States and the Americas for the last few weeks, causing damage to vital infrastructure and leading to the loss of lives. Hurricane Irma has left over 12 million people without electricity and other...

Artificial Intelligence in its simplest form

AI sounds like an extremely complex and inconceivable topic to many. The common notion is that AI is left as a preserve for complicated processes built only by giant Tech Companies for complex systems such as space ships and robots. However, there are few ways to...

The importance of Digital Infrastructure in Kenya’s future

Digitally connected products and services provided and combined on software-defined platforms and service platforms. This is one of the definitions of digital infrastructure. The past few years have seen this terminology grow in usage as more tools and appliances get...

Whatsapp – The new customer service provision frontier

Till now, we've seen technology at it's best. We've seen technology move from industrial use to home use. From purely business functions to now personalized usage. We've also seen technology transition from huge sizes and unfordable prices to everybody's pockets. Many...

Fleet and Personnel Management – By use of microchips

The Kenyan National Transport & Safety Agency (NTSA) recently issued a directive that drivers shift to an electronic "Smart" Drivers License. Features of this new digital license include:   Holding drivers' profiles including their bio-data Holding a record of...

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