Artificial Intelligence in its simplest form

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AI sounds like an extremely complex and inconceivable topic to many. The common notion is that AI is left as a preserve for complicated processes built only by giant Tech Companies for complex systems such as space ships and robots.

However, there are few ways to incorporate Artificial intelligence in its simplest forms into your projects to achieve interesting capabilities. This tech tip mentions just two simple techniques one can use:

Future Prediction
This branch of machine learning can be achieved in several different ways. A simple way for machines be able to predict the future is to analyse data from previous times and the consequences of data sets. If working with a sensor-actuator system for example, one can analyse previous sensor data and environment conditions based on those data points. An occurrence of similar data means one can predict (to some extent) an occurrence in similar conditions.

Natural Language Processing
For projects with interfaces required to communicate with humans verbally, NLP might be an integral feature to ensuring streamlined engagement and User Experience.
NLP can be implemented in several ways, and with the use of several tools. One simple tool is the use of Named Entity Recognizers. These rely on already established entities of grammar to decipher pieces of natural language. They ‘recognize’ these entities and thus make a match of what the user was trying to say based on this information.

The use of these tools in systems provides an Intelligence superior to other basic systems, making them more efficient, quick and universal.


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