Fleet and Personnel Management – By use of microchips

by | Aug 23, 2017 | Business Tech Tips, Hardware and Automation |

The Kenyan National Transport & Safety Agency (NTSA) recently issued a directive that drivers shift to an electronic “Smart” Drivers License. Features of this new digital license include:


  • Holding drivers’ profiles including their bio-data
  • Holding a record of drivers’ performance history, thus being able to track errant and risky drivers over time.


The ability to track personnel and even fleets of vehicles , and more importantly, to track and log their performance behaviour is a technology that is quickly growing and increasingly becoming more available.


Such smart cards such as the newly launched Smart Drivers License in Kenya use RFID or NFC Technology. This is a passive transmitter technology, which means that the system does not consume any power, until when coupled with a corresponding receiver, from where it draws energy for data read/write.


Furthermore, these microchips have a certain amount of memory embedded into them. This makes them effective for storing small amounts of data. Where large amounts of data need to be stored, the data could be encoded and chopped down by the Receiver module then stored as shorter strings of encoding within the chip.


All in all, the implementation of such systems such as the Smart Drivers’ License show that we can leverage technology and automation in fleet and personnel management with the ability to collect more data than we ever imagined!

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