The importance of Digital Infrastructure in Kenya’s future

by | Sep 8, 2017 | Business Tech Tips, Daily Tech Tips, Kenya Tech Affairs | 0 comments

Digitally connected products and services provided and combined on software-defined platforms and service platforms. This is one of the definitions of digital infrastructure. The past few years have seen this terminology grow in usage as more tools and appliances get enhanced to connect to the Internet of Things. These include corporate and professional services such as security, accounting, property management amongst others.

Why should you, as a business owner in Kenya or globally invest in Digital Infrastructure? According to the Mckinsey Global Institure, over 51.9% of the work activities within Kenya can be automated by adapting current technologies. This is the same for many countries worldwide with South Africa having the lowest percentage of 41%. This points not to a recommendation but to an indication of the definite future.

With increased automation levels within businesses, quality service delivery and accountability levels are expected to increase with reductions in costs per service/product. This also points to the expected market disruption with not only price wars but also market reach. Services that were harder to acquire and more expensive will now become easily accessible, most probably using mobile and web technologies. A illustrations of increased accessibility are the new UberCHOPPER and Jumia Party services.

We look forward to the dynamic shifts that will be caused by increased investment in digital infrastructure from many more businesses.

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