Whatsapp – The new customer service provision frontier

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Till now, we’ve seen technology at it’s best. We’ve seen technology move from industrial use to home use. From purely business functions to now personalized usage. We’ve also seen technology transition from huge sizes and unfordable prices to everybody’s pockets. Many agree that it has come from far but even more believe it is still in it’s infancy stages.

Whatsapp being the largest social media platform in Kenya has really disrupted alot. It moved from purely a chatting platform to now support voice and video calls. In it’s most recent move, they launched Whatsapp Status updates allowing the platform to also act as a media distribution platform.

With all this in place, it was only a matter of time before businesses seek to now use the platform to increase user engagement and customer service delivery. The following are functions majorly undertaken using Whatsapp:

  • Disbursing of business updates and important information
  • Business partners, employees and boards now majorly make decisions within Whatsapp groups
  • Launching of new products, packages and events etc

To ride this new wave, Whatsapp has also started developing features specific to business accounts. They recently launched verified business accounts. This would give green badge    to a contact’s name if the phone number of this contact belongs to a business account. We definitely expect more features targeted at business owners.

All these were majorly expected. The largest shift which is still in operation is companies now turning to the platform to interact with their customers. This increases convenience and personalization to a whole new level. One of the brands that has really embraced this is Chase bank with their Whatsapp line being majorly open. We are looking forward to seeing many more brands look to this platform for additional interactions and solutions.

Photo credit: http://chasestories.chasebankkenya.co.ke/premier-financial-whatsapp-chat/

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